T&D Monitoring and Diagnostic Analyst (Engineering)

Job Description

Req Number: 16817BR

Position Description:
We are looking for a Generation Monitoring and Diagnostic Analyst to work in iPower Centre under Power System Engineering Department (PSED).

PSED is responsible for providing and managing highly technical and specialized engineering services to support the safe and reliable operation of Saudi Aramco electrical power systems generation, transmission and distribution networks. iPower is Monitoring and Dianoetic (M&D) canter that will deploy the artificial intelligence tools to monitor the whole value chain of power systems. It will closely monitor power system assets to enhance the plant reliability and detect anatomize before they aggravate to failure. The iPower canter will be the hub of intelligent solutions to enhance the overall system performance.

You will be responsible for monitoring and diagnosing T&D assets within Saudi Aramco facilities using advanced artificial Intelligence (AI) - based analytical tools. Successful applicant will utilize Advanced Pattern Recognition (APR) software to identify and analyze potential failure and degradation anomalies. You will interface with operational entities as well as subject matter experts to further assess detected anomalies, identify and classify the associated risks to the plant, issue recommendations, and follow up to ensure resolutions are tracked through completion.

Minimum Requirements:
As a successful candidate you should hold a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent. A degree or certification in the AI-based tools for pattern recognition application will be highly valued.

You must have a minimum of Five years’ as power operation engineer with knowledge in supporting M&D canters and capability of analyzing assets data generated from analytical tools.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Perform daily monitoring of power system equipment that are covered by the APR tool.

Respond, evaluate and prioritize alarms generated by the APR tools and interact with power plant personnel to provide recommendations to optimize plant equipment and systems.

Communicate and interface with company Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to further assess equipment anomalies detected by the APR software.

Communicate detected anomalies to power system operator for further investigation at site.

Identify and classify associated risks to the assets by analyzing the data generated by the APR tools, provide recommendations to mitigate risks as proposed by the APR tool, and follow up to ensure implementation.

Capture and quantify the software catches and the associated avoided costs to expose the value M&D canter.

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