Career Counselor

Job Description

Req Number: 17332BR

Position Description:
We are seeking a Career Counselor to join the Academic Programs Division of Academic Programs and Partnerships Department.

The Academic Programs Division is responsible for providing academic -based world-class learning solutions that sustain the evolving Saudi workforce.

The Career Counselor primary role is to provide university admissions expertise to sponsored students through various programs and at various stages of the application cycle. You will be required to train participants on how to find information about universities, how apply to universities, review university applications and essays, assist with other trainings related to university admissions and the various scholarship programs, prepare reports, help plan events/meetings with universities, and research topics and higher education trends related to university admissions. Also, you will be required to maintain up-to-date databases.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate you will hold a master’s degree in Education, English, or a closely related field from a recognized and approved university. A Ph.D. in a closely related discipline is preferred.

You will have at least five years of experience in working with international, college, and/or high school students including at least three years in admissions/academic advising related experience.

You will be able to demonstrate the ability to supervisor college admissions applications on various platforms and for various countries.

Be able to teach/coach students on college admissions and support students on issues related to university admissions.

Demonstrate thorough knowledge of various admissions criteria (such as SAT, APs, IGCEs, A level, TOEFL, and IELTS)

You must have a strong mastery of the English language (spoken, written, and verbal).

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Teach various participants about university admissions from multiple worldwide universities including writing personal statements, essays, and applications.

Meet with participants regularly to follow up on their progress brainstorm for essays, give feedback.

Meet with parents and other stakeholders involved in the admission process.

Plan, monitor, and report on the application status of all assigned participants.

Perform research and analysis on higher education trends, admission requirements, among other related subjects.

Develop study reports and proposals related to university admissions.

Collaborate with colleagues on best practices related to university admissions.

Conduct various workshops and trainings related to university admissions.

Serve as a member on the admission committee.

Participate in the events organized by NEPG.

Help students with travel logistics.

Build relationships with admission advisors worldwide.

Liaise with overseas offices in matters related to college admission.

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