Senior Technology Strategist

Job Description

Req Number: 17427BR

Position Description:
We are seeking a Senior Technology Strategist to join the Technology Strategy & Planning Department (TS&PD).

TS&PD is responsible for developing Saudi Aramco’s technology outlook and strategy, managing the technology portfolio and intellectual property, supporting the Company’s climate and sustainability initiatives, and ensuring the commercial viability of technologies through effective deployment planning. TS&PD develops technology commercialization and related execution plans to help align Saudi Aramco’s R&D investment with strategy and value-driven technology deployments that can position the Company with a sustainable competitive advantage, capitalizing on its strategic and core R&D investments.

You primary role will be to contribute to the realization of strategic and commercial return on technology investment at Saudi Aramco by advising the CTO and the head of TS&PD on strategy-related issues, and leading the development of the technology strategy, inclusive of downstream, upstream, and sustainability portfolios. In doing so, the Senior Technology Strategist will generate insights independently, leverage relevant resources inside and outside Saudi Aramco, and facilitate engagement with relevant stakeholders.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate you will have a bachelor’s degree in any technical field, preferably from a top university and with strong academic performance. A postgraduate Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) or equivalent qualification in a business management discipline is desirable, preferably from a top MBA program.

You will have a minimum 20 years of professional experience (including postgraduate education) as follows:

• A minimum of 10 years of experience leading internal strategy development in any organization (including public sector or military), either as part of a strategy/business development team or in an independent role.
A minimum of 8 years of experience leading strategy development as an engagement manager or equivalent in a strategy consultancy (e.g., McKinsey, BCG, Bain, EY-Parthenon, Roland Berger, LEK, AT Kearney, etc.).
• A minimum of 3 years of experience supporting internal strategy development in any organization (including public sector or military).
A minimum of 2 years of experience supporting strategy development on client engagements at a strategy consultancy (examples as above).

Experience in an oil and gas, chemicals, and/or an R&D organization is desirable, but not required.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:
Drive technology strategy development in TOC.

Advise the CTO, the head of TS&PD and R&D Chief Technologists on issues related to strategy.

Work closely with business line teams, and facilitate their engagement in technology strategy development.

Manage a strategy team of 2-3 people.

Drive the development of technology strategies for downstream, upstream, and sustainability, according to the corporate and technology strategy refresh cycle.

Drive strategy for each technology domain (between 5 and 10 in total), in a coherent and consistent way, which enables effective resource allocation within the domain to deliver the target outcomes i.e., where to focus, and how to develop and deliver the key technologies.

Drive the process to update the overall corporate technology strategy every 5 years.

Work closely with the TS&PD technology outlook team to ensure technology insights and forecasts are reflected in the technology strategy.

Work closely with the business line and corporate strategy teams to ensure that technology strategy is aligned with and supporting corporate and business line strategy.

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