Senior Energy Life Cycle Emissions Analyst

Job Description

Req Number: 17442BR

Position Description:
We are seeking an experienced Senior Energy Life Cycle Emissions Analyst to join the Technology Strategy & Planning Department (TS&PD).
TS&PD provides critical and timely information and develop execution strategies to align Company projects with value-driven deployments in high-impact areas that offer the Company a significant, distinctive, and sustainable competitive advantage in its core businesses. TS&PD also ensures that the intellectual property planning/filings are coordinated with the ultimate objective of the technology strategy (i.e., proprietary, value driven, brand building, etc.).
You primary role will see you responsible for generating new insights (whitepapers, outlook reports, etc.) to support senior leadership in making business and strategy decisions related to the Company’s technology and R&D activities within the sustainability sector, and aligning those activities with business priorities. This role includes providing technology-focused market and industry intelligence and insights supported by rigorous LCA modeling, analysis of the evolution of energy demand and consumption patterns and disruptive trends, and analysis of the overall impact of climate change policies on global energy trends.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate, you will hold a Ph.D. in an energy, engineering, or related field.
You will have at least 12 years of professional experience, including at least 5 years as a specialist in environmental-impact analysis and life cycle assessments, and achieved substantial recognition by peers as an expert.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:
Provide long-term perspectives on energy systems of interest to the Company, including (but not limited to) oil and gas supply and recovery, petroleum refining and petrochemicals; perform life cycle emissions assessments (LCAs) to develop an understanding of the associated impacts of such systems and utilization of their products; perform technology literature surveys and techno-economic assessments; and provide technical advice and insights to internal stakeholders supported by substantial LCA modeling work and outlook analysis. Familiarity with the GREET LCA model is desirable. The candidate should be proficient at extracting energy and environmental data for the petroleum sector, be familiar with models for energy value chains, and be able to process the model results for LCA applications. Familiarity with the energy and environmental impacts of oil and gas products is vital.

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