Crisis Management Advisor

Job Description

Req Number: 17539BR

Position Description:
We are seeking a Crisis Management Advisor (CMA) to join the Oil Supply Planning and Scheduling Department (OSPAS).

OSPAS’s mission is to deliver quality products — in a manner that is timely, optimal, safe, and environmentally responsible — to the local and international customers through maintaining viable recovery strategies that preserve the continuity of company operations. OSPAS performs the following major functions: supply and distribution of oil, gas, and refined products, terminal planning, supply planning and optimization, and corporate emergency management & continuity, in addition to Support Services division, which is responsible for providing administrative and operational services for these functions to meet their objectives.
Corporate Emergency Management and Continuity (CEMAC) Organization will ensure that incidents involving company interests having the potential to cause significant loss of life, property, reputation, or business interruptions are managed accordingly. Corporate Emergency Management and Continuity Organization is currently under the Safety & Industrial Security (S&IS) Administrative Area.

The primary role of the CMA is to develop corporate emergency management and continuity plans that will address industrial and nonindustrial incidents, as well as natural disasters, to assure the company’s ability to operate optimally in a crisis.

Minimum Requirements:
As a successful candidate you must:

Hold a bachelor degree in engineering, loss prevention engineering, fire protection, occupational safety, safety and manufacturing engineering, disaster & crisis management, business continuity, or a closely related specialty/combination of disciplines.

Have at least fifteen years of experience in crisis or business continuity, preferably in the petrochemical or process areas.

Fluency in English, both verbal and written.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Design, develop, and test disaster-preparedness schemes.

Oversee the implementation and measure the performance of CEMAC Framework.

Review proposals related to corporate initiatives for CEMAC requirements.

Develop all training needs and conduct training for crisis management, including executive training, and field training of incident managers and commanders that would be in line with industry and company standards.

Inspect communication facilities, evacuation centers, safety shelters, and relevant emergency equipment.

Work closely with stakeholders to ensure their crisis recovery plans for critical systems and applications are consistent with the plans developed for the company.

Develop procedures and tools considered best practice in crisis preparedness structures.

Work with appropriate organizations to ensure that threats associated with the company’s business plan, strategic plan and investment plan are identified and managed appropriately.

Establish and maintain process to evaluate essential personnel, critical systems, equipment & materials from a cooperate perspective.

Create or improve stockholder crisis management structures, systems and processes.

Establish and maintain process and required infrastructure that allows for coordination of company response to external incidents.

Work with stakeholders on effective emergency notification.

Assess incidents received to determine the event crisis potential.

Design strategies response of an oil spill, fire prevention, fire protection and other emergency.

Ensures appropriate communication with stakeholders.
Establish and test a “crisis communication” between company, non-company agencies, and joint ventures.

Evaluate corporate resource needs and develop corporate strategies for improvement by evaluating emergency preparedness areas for improvement within proponent organizations.

Develop status reports and management reports.

Advise the identified senior leaders on key developments related to CEMAC and assisting assigned office teams.

Support decision-making and special projects on CEMAC issues.

Support the planning, facilitation, and after-action needs for community sessions and outreach initiatives to address crisis management matters.

Develop crisis management processes for review and approval.

Identify points of vulnerability in the company's crisis management capabilities, develop, and implement action plans (short- and long-term) to reduce disaster recovery exposure.

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