Project Materials Specialist

Job Description

Req Number: 17680BR

Position Description:
We are seeking an experienced Project Material Specialist (PMS) to join Saudi Aramco Project Management (SA PM). SA PM consists of multiple departments directly responsible and accountable for planning, executing, managing and delivering best in class capital projects safely, on schedule, within budget and to the highest standards of integrity and compliance. This involves engineering design, procurement and construction across various small, medium and multi-billion dollar mega size projects. Some of these mega projects include the Marjan Increment Program, the Crude Oil to Chemicals program, the Gas Compression Program, the Berri & Zuluf Increment and the AMIRAL Program, etc.

SA PM Departments typically manage and execute projects from multiple site offices or engineering contractor design offices, geographically scattered throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A successful Project Material Specialist (PMS) will serve as a single point of contact providing materials expertise, oversight and coordination across a range of project materials support activities through each stage of a project (large scale or group of projects), including project proposal, bid evaluation, award, design and construction.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate you will hold a Bachelors degree in either Business Administration, Engineering, Industrial Management, Supply Chain Management and/or Logistics from a recognized and approved program. An advanced degree in the same/similar disciplines is preferred.

You will have excellent command of written and spoken English.

You will have ten (10) or more years of experience in Procurement and/or Supply Chain and/or Materials Management, including at least three (3) in a Project Management Environment, involved in Project design, contract administration, scheduling and/or cost-control, inventory management and control, design take-off engineering and/or materials traffic planning, etc.

You will have prior knowledge of (or you will demonstrate the ability to learn) Saudi Aramco’s materials systems, operating procedures and principles, including but not limited to forecasting, procurement and inventory control, as well as corporate policies & procedures.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be responsible for and/or be able to demonstrate experience as follows:

Provide direction and expertise in planning and implementing materials control activities for and during design and construction of capital projects

Coordinate the development and implementation strategy for the supply of material in a variety of contracting situations (i.e., lump sum turnkey, reimbursable cost, time unit rate, work unit rate, etc.)

Serve as the primary liaison between the Project Manager and various Procurement & Supply Chain Management departments

Frequently engage with contractor materials management personnel

Source materials depending upon the contracting strategy

Balance Long term materials strategy and planning and short term problem solving

Support preparation of contractor material provisions and/or requirements in project proposals

Support evaluation of contractor materials support provisions in commercial bids

Support contract award presentations

Incorporate design office procedures with Saudi Aramco materials control policies and procedures

Plan contractor material mobilization and demobilization

Educate project managers, engineers and support staff of Saudi Aramco materials procurement systems, policies, procedures, etc., while directing the materials fulfillment effort

Provide work direction to materials support staff including Construction Material Specialists (CMS) I and II in both short term problem solving and long term materials support strategy planning

Frequently engage with counterparts and other project personnel located in design offices worldwide for long-term support planning or resolution of signification problem areas

Participate in worldwide visits to contractor offices to coordinate activities affecting the project(s)

Frequently engage with materials and equipment vendor’s management to expedite critical materials and in some cases to plan for large or unusual equipment deliveries requiring special handling

Liaise with Engineering and Design offices for Material Take Off (MTO) development

Ensure that project material requirements are complete, reviewed against excess and surplus inventories and forecasted with maximum/appropriate lead time

Coordinate and expedite accurate material requisition preparation for of Long-lead, high value, engineered, inspect able and Low-value materials consistent with material required on-site dates to support fabrication, construction and on-stream dates

Prepare and validate materials forecasts and highlight special transportation requirements including import clearance, air freight, export shipping order, etc.

Demonstrate relationship management skills in dealing with Project Managers and other management personnel as well as Project Engineers and various Procurement & Supply Chain Department personnel and offices in all facets of materials planning and support strategies

Prepare Material status reports

Expedite materials to the required delivery date

Conduct materials coordination meetings with project management personnel to alert them to risk areas and potential problems in materials availability and fulfilment which can affect their projects

Reconcile materials issued to the contractors as installed or returned by contractors and recommend follow-up action as appropriate.

Report on contractor compliance to contract provisions for the supply and accountability of materials and recommend follow-up action as appropriate.

Monitor project compliance with company policy pertaining to the identification, requisitioning and delivery of spare parts required to support start-up and commissioning. Requires interface with various Procurement & Supply Chain Management Departments to provide critical support

Coordinate and direct all effort to identify and use surplus and excess materials.

About us:
The Engineering & Project Management (E&PM) business line studies, plans and oversees the construction of the Company’s new facilities, including some of the biggest and most complex projects in the petroleum industry. Recently, Saudi Aramco completed the largest capital program in its history that included new or expanded oil, gas and petrochemical facilities, raising maximum sustainable crude oil production capacity to 12 million barrels per day and significantly increasing gas production and processing capacities. Among the recently completed projects was the largest crude oil increment in the history of the industry: Khurais, with a production capacity of 1.2 million barrels per day. More challenges lie ahead, with a slate of new or expanded oil, gas, refining and petrochemical projects in the works. E&PM also manages the Company’s Research & Development Center where scientists investigate topics such as the desulfurization of crude oil, advanced fuel formulations for next generation combustion engines, and reservoir nano-scale robots (Resbots™) for injection into reservoirs to record their properties.