Aromatics Complex Process Specialist

Job Description

Req Number: 17762BR

Position Description:
We are seeking an Aromatics Complex Process Specialist to join the Downstream Process Engineering Division of the Process & Control Systems Department.

The Downstream Process Engineering Division is responsible for providing process engineering support to Saudi Aramco and Saudi Aramco Joint Venture facilities.

The primary role of the Aromatics Complex Process Specialist is to provide process expertise in aromatics technologies in support of preliminary project evaluation, project and technology selection, design reviews, commissioning support, process troubleshooting and process optimization.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate you will hold a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from a recognized and approved program.
An advanced degree is preferred.

You will have a minimum of fifteen years’ experience in refinery or petrochemical operations and engineering, including at least ten years in aromatics complex technologies.

You will have a minimum of five years’ experience with technologies for the production of para-xylene from naphtha reformer derived feedstock, including para-xylene recovery (either selective adsorption or crystallization or both), xylenes isomerization and transalkylation.

You will be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of Simulated Moving Bed technologies for selective adsorption and to explain and teach that understanding to others.

You will also have a minimum of three years’ experience with technologies for the extraction of aromatics, either from reformate or pyrolysis gasoline feedstocks, using extractive distillation (ED) or liquid/liquid extraction (LLE).

Experience with more than one operating facility is strongly desirable, as is experience with more than one process licensor technology.

You will have a solid background in the comparison of alternative technologies for aromatics, including the advantages and disadvantages of aromatics extraction using ED versus LLE, para-xylene recovery using selective adsorption versus crystallization, and ideally you will understand the impact of Light Desorbent selective adsorption against Heavy Desorbent selective adsorption.

You will be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of the impact of new aromatics technologies from all major licensors and their potential application to Saudi Aramco assets.

Ideally, you will also have some background in the technical impact of aromatics derived from steam cracking and understand the effects of using pygas in a conventional aromatics complex, as well as Toluene Methylation, Selective Toluene Disproportionation, and Ethylbenzene extraction.

You will possess strong mentorship skills with the ability and drive to guide the development of junior aromatics complex process engineers as well as strong teaching abilities.

You will possess strong written and oral communication skills, with the ability to summarize and explain complex processes and technologies in terms suitable for economic evaluations and strategic management decision making.

The ideal candidate will have authored publications or patents in the field of aromatics technologies.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Conduct process configuration/feasibility studies for aromatics complexes and technologies

Participate in the development and review of Design Basis Scoping Protocols for aromatics projects

Maintain and review list of approved process licensor technologies for aromatics

Review detailed designs for aromatics technologies

Participate as process subject matter expert in PHA and HazOp reviews

Support construction, commissioning, and startup of new aromatics facilities

Support post-commissioning troubleshooting and optimization of aromatics facilities

Organize Technical Exchange Meetings, Community of Practice Workshops, and other knowledge sharing activities for aromatics

Coordinate vendor training courses, develop and teach new aromatics courses

Develop and update Best Practice documents for aromatics technologies

Participate in Research & Development activities for new aromatics technologies, including Stage Gate Reviews, Catalyst Testing, and development of new process technologies

About us:
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