Process Safety/Risk Assessment Engineer

Job Description

Req Number: 18138BR

Position Description:
We are seeking a Process Safety/ Risk Assessment Engineer to join Loss Prevention Department (LPD) at Saudi Aramco.

LPD provides safety services to customers and stakeholders; including corporate and executive management, Saudi Aramco operating, support and project organizations, employees, the Saudi Arabian government, contractors, and members of the public. LPD has ten divisions – seven field divisions and three centralized technical support divisions. LPD offices are located in Abqaiq, Riyadh, Ras Tanura, Dhahran, Udhailiyah, Jeddah (including Yanbu and Jazan), and Tanajib. The role is located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia but provides support to all LPD’s divisions, area offices and assets throughout Saudi Arabia.

As a Process Safety/Risk Assessment Engineer, you will expected to work with the Saudi Aramco organizations on major capital projects and operating assets to meet LPD’s vision of enabling excellence in safety and its mission to integrate safety in business and drive safety performance. The role provides cost-efficient hands on risk assessment support, as well as the analysis, review and management of project and asset risks. The role manages the interface between Saudi Aramco stakeholders and third party contractors, to ensure delivery of safe and reliable safety services to achieve excellence in safety performance. In this role, you will undertake Consequence Analysis, Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA), Building Risk Assessment (BRA) for all type of facilities using FRED, Shepherd, Phast and Safeti, and participate in High Integrity Protection System (HIPS) related projects, as well as the review of QRA, BRA and HIPS reports. The role also involves delivering training in QRA, BRA, and HIPS to LPD Engineers and candidate will undertake field related surveys. The role will contribute to the development and review of Saudi Aramco’s Engineering Standards and procedures.

Minimum Requirements:
The successful candidate will have a Bachelor of Science degree in any engineering discipline, plus a minimum of ten (10) years of relevant industry experience in risk assessment, with at least five (5) years’ experience as a risk consultant or technical safety engineer with a renowned risk consulting company. This would include practical hands experience in consequences and risk assessment of pipelines, gas plants, Gas Oil Separation Plants (GOSPs), bulk plants, refineries, offshore production and wellhead platforms, etc., as well as the delivery of high quality technical reports, as a consultant or technical risk engineer.

Candidate must possess knowledge of and practical experience of international and relevant industry standards and publicly published technical reports relevant to the risk assessment of process facilities, with emphasis on those related to the assessment of dispersion, fire, and explosion assessment. References, evidence and demonstration of all these requirements is essential from the candidate.

The successful candidate must hold a Professional Engineering certification and should have excellent English language communication and technical report writing skills.

Experience in the development and delivery of technical safety and risk assessment related training, include in the hands of use of relevant risk analysis software, is a key requirement expected from the candidate.

Desired Competencies

The successful candidate will have a demonstrated ability in many of the competencies below:

Experience in undertaking consequence analysis with FRED and Phast.

Experience of undertaking risk analysis using Shepherd and Safeti.

Ability to manage the interface and conflicting requirements and expectation from different stakeholders and organizations.

Experience of delivering training courses in risk assessment and management.

Effective communication and time management, critical thinking, and speaking with impact skills set.

Experience of safety requirements of process facilities design and operations.

Experience in participating and leading HAZID, HAZOP and LOPA workshops.

Understand the hazards related to oil and gas producing and their relevant controls (e.g., the hazards associated with hydrogen sulfide and other hazardous materials, and plant isolations).

Duties & Responsibilities:
You are required to perform the following:

Provide ongoing risk assessment support to Saudi Aramco organizations to assist in ensuring safety in design on capital projects and safety of operational assets. This includes execution of and/or reviewing consequence analysis, QRAs, BRA, HIPS and other related safety studies.

Collaborate and liaise with Saudi Aramco organizations to review hazards and risks on capital projects and those associated with the expansion of existing operational assets.

Participate in meetings with Saudi Aramco organizations, and understand LPD roles, expectations and service to these organizations.

Keep abreast of technical innovation, techniques and developments in risk assessment.

Participate in safety studies and activities such as QRAs, BRA, HIPS, as well as in HAZID, HAZOP and LOPA workshops.

Develop technically accurate, concise, and timely reports identifying findings and recommendations of risk assessment studies.

Develop and review technical standards, processes and procedures.

Ensure projects and operation assets comply with Saudi Aramco policies and standards.

Act as a mentor to other loss prevention professionals.

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