Industrial Skills Trainer

Job Description

Req Number: 18194BR

Position Description:
We are seeking an Industrial Skills Trainer to join the Learning Solutions & Services Department (LSSD), part of the Saudi Aramco Training & Development (T&D) organization.

The Learning Solutions & Services Department (LSSD) is responsible for developing and certifying people in industrial and administrative jobs and provide a knowledge and management solutions to e-learning programs, computer training in classroom and Training & Development (T&D) facilities.

Your primary role is to conduct On Job Training (OJT) Spot Check Evaluation to validate Operation Job Task Standard (JTS) certification techniques, in one or more of the following industrial areas: Refineries, Gas Oi Separation Plant, Oil Processing Plants, Utilities, Tank Farms... etc. Serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Test Writing Analyst team member during the development of the Web Based Recertification Tests (WBRT) in any area of the above expertise.

Minimum Requirements:
The successful candidate should hold Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science degree in Education or Petroleum discipline or equivalent.

A minimum of 15 years of work experience, including 5 years of special field experience in Industrial Skills Training.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Perform On Job Training (OJT) Spot-Check Evaluation to validate operation Job Task Standard (JTS) certification to ensure of safe, efficient and job relevant mentoring and evaluation techniques used to certify oil/gas operators on their accurate Job Task Standard (JTS) task assignments.

Develop and review operation Web Based Recertification Tests (WBRT) via a local repositories including the structure of test blueprints, composing questions, building resources, assessments and controlling templates. Publish databases on the shared repository and perform piloting trials to ensure of validity and consistency of test items.

Conduct Web Based Recertification Tests (WBRT) monitoring at different testing rooms. Log-in candidates, launch the learning URL of the secured assessments, launch high-stake assessments via secured browser and complete sessions and manipulate queries.

Diagnoses individual certification learning difficulties & generate analytical reporting. Prepares certification reports, evaluates job certification KPI progress & submits On Job Training (OJT) evaluation reports. Prepares deficiency & disciplinary reports as needed. Maintains Career Planning (CP) records such as scores, number of attempts, Individual Development Plan (IDP) assignments and Career Ladders accuracy.

Assists in job certification awareness of new graduated and hired candidates, helps promote high job certification standards and maintains professional atmosphere within the test development and job proficiency inspections

About us:
Saudi Aramco’s Industrial Relations (IR) Business line is dedicated to building, maintaining and enhancing the relationships the Company develops with people and institutions inside the Kingdom and around the world. It is through the IR business line that the Company cares for the health, wellbeing and security of its employees and their families, maintains the high quality of life found in Company communities, operates the school system for the children of expatriate employees, and communicates with various audiences through a variety of media, including print publications, events, films and websites. Saudi Aramco operates one of the largest and most successful industrial and professional training programs on the planet to ensure that its employees are provided with the training they need to meet emerging challenges. The Company’s wide-ranging corporate citizenship activities, which focus on the areas of environmental protection, knowledge, community and the economy, are also the responsibility of the IR business line.