Agriculturist – Hydroponics/Vertical Farming

Job Description

Req Number: 18306BR

Position Description:
The position covers the implementation of major gardening projects like Hydroponics/Vertical Farming. The candidate must be an expert in the implementation of these projects, from design conceptualization, construction and maintenance. Duties will include monitoring of plant growth and making high-level decisions about how to best utilize limited resources to maximize profits. The incumbent should have a thorough understanding of what makes a species cost-effective and how, and when each specimen should be grown in a hydroponic environment. The incumbent must be able to inspect, maintain, and repair the equipment. The incumbent will remain up-to-date about new hydroponics technology, and assist with administrative duties as needed.

Ensure that principles and practices in developing plans for the related various activities are relayed and understood by the other key personnel. Duties will include: overseeing all operations of the farm; training, and managing hydroponic personnel; setting standards for growing all specimens, including the schedule and nutrient intake; ensuring proper preparation for harvesting times; maintaining or replacing hydroponic equipment; monitoring and ordering supplies; experimenting with growing conditions to improve efficiency; testing water quality on a regular basis; suggesting marketing strategies to better promote products; preparing a projected budget; running regular financial reports and reports for Management.

Minimum Requirements:
Candidate must meet the following minimum requirements:

At least 5 years of related experience specializing in hydroponic management. Experience in Middle East is an advantage.

Extensive knowledge of botany and the art of growing plants without soil.

Valid driver’s license and willingness to travel.

Proficiency with computers, especially MS Office and diagnostic scientific software.

Exceptional active listening, verbal, and written communication skills.

Strong research, decision making, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

Awareness of industry trends, technology, and developments.

Ability to conduct formal training sessions and presentations.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Overseeing all operations of the farm.

Hiring, training, and managing hydroponic growers or staff.

Setting standards for growing all specimens, including the schedule and nutrient intake.

Ensuring proper preparation for harvesting times.

Maintaining or replacing hydroponic equipment.

Monitoring and ordering supplies.

Experimenting with growing conditions to improve efficiency.

Compiling a budget.

Working with owners to explore new revenue opportunities.

Testing water quality on a regular basis.

Suggesting marketing strategies to better promote products.

Preparing a projected budget.

Running regular financial reports.

Study soil, plants, seeds and products to better understand the crop needs and develop more effective planting and cultivation practices at Saudi Aramco golf courses, sports fields and stadium pitches.

Conduct research and test samples, and solve complex problems in turf management, soil amendment, plant nutrition, insect damage, wildlife, weather, and the farming industry in general.

Research, develop, and promote agricultural practices or products that diminish the effects of changes in soil, climate, and weather, or prevent damage from pests.

Survey of landscaping areas.

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