Agriculturist – Forestation

Job Description

Req Number: 18307BR

Position Description:
The position covers the implementation of major gardening projects in Forestation. The candidate must be an expert in the implementation of these projects, from design conceptualization, construction, and maintenance. Duties will include monitoring of plant growth and making high-level decisions about how to best utilize limited resources for cost optimization.
The incumbent will ensure that principles and practices in developing plans for the related various activities are relayed and understood by the other key personnel. Duties will include: formulating procedures, policies and guidelines for assigned forest management programs; developing forest management program goals and plans for implementation; liaising with other agencies, organizations and employees to coordinate technical programs; planning and coordinating the training of staff in forest management activities; conducting special projects and studies; conducting timber surveys to statistically sample forest growth and conditions; and developing and approving plans and specifications for the completion of forest type maps and sampling.
The incumbent will be an expert in the science of forestry, including: forest growth, protection and management, forest products, species identification and forest ecology; trees and their environmental conditions; principles and practices of forest conservation and reforestation and their management; forest fire control methods, including prevention, detection, and suppression, and the equipment necessary for fighting fires; and execution of quality control in nurseries and afforestation.

Minimum Requirements:
Candidate must meet the following minimum requirements:

Candidate must have a Masters degree in Forestry.

At least 15 years of professional experience in similar projects with a thorough understanding of community forest management matters. Experience in the Middle East is an advantage.

Must possess national certification or license in Forestry.

Physically fit, as the candidate maybe required to undergo rigorous physical exertion.

Valid driver’s license and willingness to travel.

Proficiency with computers, especially MS Office and diagnostic scientific software

Duties & Responsibilities:
Facilitate forestation plans from inception to completion and management.

Assess fields suitable for plantation.

Create biomass resources like nurseries, sites, seeding, planting, weeding, and pruning.

Select varieties of trees to be planted under the forestation program.

Review research and literature relating to current discoveries and best practices.

Review health and safety data for the forest, region, and time of year.

Collect field and control samples of ecology and non-living media for analysis.

Measure forest metrics on an ongoing basis.

Survey and map forest and landscaped areas and access roads.

Use herbicides, insecticides, and silvicides to implement pest, weed, and disease control.

Monitor forest operations from a regulatory compliance perspective.

Collaborate with other industry professionals to contribute information to long-term management plans and reporting procedures.

Issue environmental field reports.

Have working knowledge of all tree species and their characteristics, as well as their ecological impact on the forest.

Conduct training on personnel working for the forestation project.

Study soil, plants, seeds and products to better understand the crop needs and develop more effective planting and cultivation practices at Saudi Aramco golf courses, sports fields and stadium pitches.

Conduct research and test samples, and solve complex problems in turf management, soil amendment, plant nutrition, insect damage, from insects wildlife, weather, and the farming industry in general.

Research, develop, and promote agricultural practices or products that diminish the effects of changes in soil, climate, and weather, or prevent damage from pests.

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