Technical Writer/Editor

Job Description

Req Number: 18440BR

Position Description:
One of the core functions of the Strategy & Market Analysis (S&MA) organization is to advise the Company’s management and guide the efforts of other departments within the Company regarding energy market outlooks, economic evaluation, macroeconomic outlook, and international energy policies and regulations. SMA also assists other business lines with strategy formulation and business planning. SMA serves as the center of expertise on the application of economic principles and assumptions to business issues throughout the Company.

The Technical Writer/Editor will be responsible for developing writing manuals and guidelines for various publications of the organization. The Technical Writer/Editor should have a proven record at collaborating with technical analysts, mentoring young analysts, and providing guidance to teammates as needed. The Technical Writer/Editor must be well read, open to new ideas and influences, and quick to react to changing requests.

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Financial Management, or closely related field. Graduate degree is highly desirable. Ideal candidate will have steadily advanced his professional competence in his areas of expertise through personal study, relevant and expanding work experiences, seminars, professional contacts, and extension courses. Must be able to work with minimum supervision on relatively unstructured tasks. Must know how and when to use a wide variety of statistical and financial analytical tools and have a working knowledge of petroleum economics, technology, and accounting. Must be able to understand, interpret, and communicate the rationale for corporate reporting requirements as related to business plans, manpower budgets, and capital and operating budgets to all levels of management. Strong ability and evidence to produce top-quality written and oral reports, in English. Candidate will have the demonstrated ability to advise and lead others toward accepting his recommendations while maintaining respect for differences in perceptions of what is desirable and feasible.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Provide writing and editorial skills for the creation of content within the economy, energy, strategy, and sustainability domains. Formulate and edit technical responses for any necessary engagement with external stakeholders, such as partners, analysts, consumers, and the general public. Write, proofread, and edit PowerPoint presentations, weekly highlights, reports, and other ad hoc material for publication in the S&MA’s annual, biannual, quarterly, and monthly reports, committees, dialogues, and forums. Develop and prepare special reports and proposals for presentation for use at meetings with shareholder representatives. Conduct critical editorial reviews of English-language publications produced by S&MA to ensure correctness of the language and to enhance the clarity and effectiveness of messages. Develop detailed writing manuals, guidelines, and templates for various publications of the organization that would help technical writers produce high-quality reports and presentations. Work with subject matter experts on designing publication style and usability attributes to improve consistency and ease of reading. Ensure material is written and edited to follow the established Company style. Review and assist in the development of the organization’s unique brand in cooperation with the Corporate Communication Department. Develop and review speeches directed at, or given by, management. Provide development and monitoring to junior employees.

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